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We left Cape Town early in the morning, which I think was the best decision because it was down pouring! We later found out that it began to hail that day which was record breaking for Cape Town. We flew to Livingstone, Zambia where we stayed at Jolly Boys Back Packers. We sat by the pool […]

When Carrie and Brad met, I knew that there was something special about this guy. You could tell by the way he looked at her that she meant so much to him but he also challenged her when needed. He respected the initial boundaries set pertaining to her daughter Lily and when given the go-ahead, […]

Steven + Lydell met in Calgary while they were working for the same company. Lydell wasn’t supposed to have a boyfriend but after an accident, Steven never left her side. It was at that point that her mother knew that this must not just be a good friend. Thank you Steven + Lydell for having […]

Nate + Keirstin took a page or two from their “Intimate Relationships” textbook, as this class was where they met! Bonding over the readings in their University class, Nate and Keirstin quickly realized how much they had in common with each other. They both share a love for traveling, giant dogs, and structure, where they […]

Where do I even start with this day? A week prior to the wedding day, we watched as Hurricane Dorian destroyed everything in its path, and next on its course was PEI. Friends and family kept assuring the couple “Oh, I’m sure it won’t measure up to what they say”, “It’s going to just blow […]

I LOVE photographing friend’s weddings!! It’s so special to me, to be able to spend the day with my best friend of 20 years and watch her get ready for the best day of her life! Over the years, Beth had a few different relationships and she always seemed happy enough but when she met […]

Trevor + Alison have been together for over 10 years. Stories were told about the first time the families met years ago and how thoughtful and caring these two are! They had a gorgeous day surrounded by friends and family! One little girl in particular stole the show and you shouldn’t have any problems identifying […]

Ryan + Janelle met one faithful night at the Velvet Underground dance bar while partaking in the Halloween festivities. They currently live in Calgary, Alberta with their awesome dog Goose! There are many emotions that occur on a wedding day but in my five years of photographing weddings, I have never seen a bride SO […]

Travis + Danielle live in Alberta, surrounding themselves with family and many friends. Many of those who were able to make the trip to Prince Edward Island, where Travis grew up, to witness their marriage in the St. Bonaventure Church in Tracadie Cross. Travis attended the University of New Brunswick where he studied physiotherapy and […]

Dylan + Jessica grew up in the same community and went to school together but never really paid much attention to each other until they were at the same New Year’s Eve party. Ever since that night, they have been inseparable. Growing up, Jessica and her family spent parts of their summer at their family […]


Hey Everyone!! I'm Nicole, the editor and photographer of this blog. I work as a full-time Radiation Therapist helping those with cancer get through their radiation treatments. Five years ago, I decided to start my own photography business and I am so excited to say that it is thriving. Typically, I stick to photographing weddings which I find is such a great outlet from my other full-time job. 

The reason that I have decided to start this blog, is primarily to keep myself busy while I am on maternity leave with my first child. Let's be honest, I am going to be plenty busy for the first few months but I hope to be able to juggle both. I love being able to share my life experiences with others who can either laugh or find what I have to say helpful. 

Please feel free to email me if there is anything that you would like me to cover on the blog! 


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