Brodie + Magan | Married

The wedding of Brodie and Magan was extra special for me. Magan and I had a couple of classes together at The University of Prince Edward Island and became quite close friends. During this time, Magan had met Brodie while they were both working at the CARI complex. I could not have been happier for her. In 2014, as they were boarding the air plane, on their way to Florida for Easter, Brodie proposed to Magan!! Who knew that years after they met, I would be photographing their wedding. What an amazing experience!
Decorator: Nikki Blackett
Dress: Handmade by Lacy Marry
Hair Stylist: Freedom Hair
Make-up Artist: Stephanie Gallant
Florist: Mike Robison
Music: Jocelyne Ludgate and DJ Darcy Campbell
Wedding Favors: Donation to the Tanner Craswell & Mitch MacLean Scholarship