Charlotte + Trevor | Married

Not only did Charlotte make such a gorgeous and glowing bride, but she is one of the strongest individuals I have ever met! Charlotte has been on a courageous fight with cancer and was recently informed it had spread throughout her body. Charlotte and Trevor have been dating for three years and planned to get married this summer, but after the diagnosis, they decided to move the wedding up by a few months while Charlotte’s health allowed.

The weather could not have been more perfect for a winter wedding! The ceremony was one of the most beautiful I have ever been to. The Blanchard sisters sung an exquisite harmonized version of “Amazing Grace” which left everyone with tears streaming down their cheeks.

I could see the excitement that came over Trevor when he was explaining to me that both his wedding band and pocket watch had been his grandfathers – it was pretty special to be able to wear those on his wedding day,

The decorations were graciously donated by a good friend of mine! She was at the salon when she heard Charlotte’s story and offered to help. It was really amazing to see how the community came together to make this magical day happen!

When Trevor and Charlotte decided to get married, they didn’t have a lot of money saved so they decided instead of getting diamond rings to go with something a bit less expensive. The week before the wedding, Trevor arrived at the hospital to visit Charlotte and told her to close her eyes. He said “I know we said we would do wedding day gifts, but I had to give this to you today”. He took off her ring and slipped on her new diamond ring that he went back to buy her. As Charlotte was telling me this story, chills were sent through my body. This is what we call true love.

This day would never been possible without the countless hours spent planning and decorating by Charlotte’s closest family and friends!! They put their heart and soul into making this day perfect for Charlotte and Trevor and it ended just like that… perfectly!!

A few people that I would like to mention:
Bridal Gown – Made by Charlotte’s mother Emily

Decorations – Donated by Jessica Larter and Chair covers by Nikki Blackett

Make-Up – Randi Doyle & Madison Doyle

Hair Stylist – Brittany MacMillan

Videographers – Kyle Simpson (Lowell Productions) & Joel MacDonald (Serious Media)

Most of these people donated their time to be able to make this all happen. So thanks to everyone!! I know how grateful the family is and it will be a day they never forget!