Craig + Sarah | Married

Sarah & Craig were married at Clinton Hills, overlooking the rolling hills of Prince Edward Island. When I arrived to capture the girls getting ready, Craig had left Sarah with a few gifts to open throughout the morning. A couple to mention were a new watch, some of her favourite chocolates and a little something to take the edge off in case she was nervous. Their son Cohen and dog Charlie were helping their mom get ready for the big day at a gorgeous cottage at The Gables of PEI.

There were a few very special parts of the day for Sarah and Craig. Both of them lost very important people in their lives; Sarah’s mother and Craig’s grandmother. Even though they were not there in body, they were there in spirit and to illustrate that, there were framed photographs of each of them at the ceremony.

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     In memory of Sarah’s mother Audrey, she had a photo of her on her bouquet so that her mother was with her on her special day.
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     Instead of traditional table numbers, the couple decided to name each table after a love song.
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     What is everyone laughing at? This was moments after the first kiss, when Craig ended up wearing half of Sarah’s bright red lipstick!!
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     That cake though!!! The detail is amazing!!
Thank you both SO much for including me in your day!!
 Wedding Decorator: Jennifer Maxwell
Dress purchased at: Chester & Felicity
Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Tux Rentals: Tip Top Tailors
Hair Stylist: Angela Rusk
Make-up Artist: Rebecca Powers
Cake Designer: Krista MacQuarrie
Stationary: Vista Print
Music Provided by: Craig Clark
Wedding Favours: Mini Pies