Emily + Sumara | PEI Brewing Company Wedding

Ohhh my heavens, this wedding!! I was brought to tears on multiple occasions by the amount of love between these two and the support they have from all of their family and friends. Honestly, the love they share for each other was radiating off of them and they could not stop smiling the entire day!
Sumara was sharing a story to me about the day before the wedding. Her parents sat her down and asked her if she was sure she wanted to marry Emily. It wasn’t that they didn’t agree with her choice, they just wanted to make sure that she knew that Emily was the one for her. Sumara was a bit taken back by this question (not knowing that they posed this question to each of her sisters as well) and responded “Emily is the ONLY thing that I am sure of, about this wedding”.
Dress purchased at: The Perfect Pear Bridal
Hair Stylist: Laura McQuillan
Make-up Artist: Amy Barker
Florist: Elizabeth Ghiz
Cake Designer: Julie MacEachern
Stationary: Vistaprint
Music Provided by: Runaway Dawson
Transportation provided by: Eclipse Entertainment