Our Intimate Wedding Day | Nick + Nicole

Nick and I met over ten years ago when we were both working as bouncers at Peake’s Quay Restaurant & Bar. Everyone around us knew even before we did that there was something special between us and that we would end up together. Throughout the years, Nick has supported my decision to move to Toronto to become a Radiation Therapist, to take several trips across the world and to start my own business. He is always cheering me on to achieve my goals and this time it’s my turn to be the supportive wife as he left the morning after our wedding to pursue a career as a Fisheries Officer. We have done long distance many times, so this is just another small hurdle that we will get over.

Everyone was trying to “boomerang” me opening the champagne like all brides do, and I could not get the damn cork to budge. I had seen people take the cork out with a knife before, so I thought I would give it a try! As you can see, I was successful in smashing the top of the bottle but not getting the cork out! A second smash would do the trick.

The day started off like any other Saturday, we took Chuck to the dog park to play with his friends. The rest of the day, he was by my side helping me get ready to go see Nick!

My amazing bouquet was done by the very talented Barb Jewell of Island Meadow Farms

Back in 2015, my grandmother Glady passed away due to a short battle with cancer. Every since I was a small girl, I looked up to her in every way. She had the best clothes, jewellery, makeup, and nicknacks. When she passed away, I inherited a lot of her stuff including the white robe I wore the day I was getting ready for my big day. I like to think that the day was so perfect because she made sure that everything was on our side that day.

Kelly at Perfect Pear Bridal was absolutely amazing to work with! She knew the style that I wanted and ended up having this dress shipped from Ontario for me to try on because she didn’t have any in store. I was pretty sure I was going to go with another one but when I put this on, it was an instant winner! The blush skirt and the detailed beading on the chest won me over!

I sent this photo to Nick and he said it’s now his cell phone background so that he can see us at anytime of day!

I decided not to go with bridesmaids and instead have my three brothers stand with me as my bridesmen.

There are a few very important women who were unable to make this photo but these girls mean the world to me! Growing up with brothers, I had to take cues from these girls on how to be more girly haha!! They have been with me through all of my happy and trying times and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all !!

Nick couldn’t ask for a better group of friends! They are serious, only when necessary and cracking jokes the rest of the time. I know that with Nick being away for a while, I can always count on them if I needed anything!

Growing up with three brothers was not always easy but luckily I had these two amazing gals by my side the entire time! I feel like we are more than just cousins but if I were to continue things would get too sappy! You both know how much you mean to me and I am so grateful to have you both in my life!!

Our ceremony took place overlooking the Fox Meadow Golf Course. My friend Melissa, accompanied by her brother David, sang “At Last” by Etta James as my Dad walked me down the path to where Nick was waiting for me!


We finished the day off by going to our favourite restaurant, The Claddagh Oyster House for a four course meal. The food was phenomenal, the speeches were heartfelt and hilarious, and the company was the best we could have ever asked for!

I would like to especially thank Emily Taylor for capturing the memories of our wedding day! I never thought twice about who I would want to take my photos and spend the day with Nick and I. You are super talented, hilarious and a cry baby if we are being honest hahaha!! Other brides can attest to this i’m sure 🙂 Thanks again, we loved having you with us!!! xo

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, we are truly grateful to have so many amazing people in our lives!!

Hair: Kate O’Shea

Makeup: Kaitlin MacCarville

Dress: The Perfect Pear BridalMaggie Sottero

Venue: The Claddagh Oyster House

Photographer: Emily Taylor

Bouquet: Island Meadow Farms

Florals: Costco

Decor: Elysian Weddings

Music: Melissa & David Burke and Scott & Ben MacKay