Spring Shoe Capsule Wardrobe

Now that I am more established in life with a couple of jobs, I find myself wanting to invest in staple clothing pieces and shoes. Instead of buying a lot of cheaper pieces, I save up to be able to have more quality pieces that will last me longer. Don’t get me wrong, if there is an item that I think is more trendy, I will find a more affordable version.

I thought that it would be helpful to breakdown a few different types of shoes that you can wear in Spring and then transition into Summer.


Flats are SO versatile!! I have both expensive and affordable flats because I find that I wear them so much. You can wear them with everything!! A dress, jumpsuit, jeans, or shorts! Depending on what kind you have, you can dress an entire outfit up or down just by changing out your flats.

Last fall I found this pair at Winners which are a dupe for the Free People pair. I heard so many good things about the Free People ones but when I tried them on, there was zero cushion on the bottom and I didn’t think that it was worth the price tag. The reason for the higher price tag is because it is made of real leather but the fact that they weren’t comfortable to me threw me off. Instead, I found a similar pair for a fraction of the price that were more comfortable anyways!

Sperry & Free People Dupes
Free People

The leopard Sperry’s from above have been worn so so much!! They were actually my grandmothers that I inherited when she passed away (Yes! She was incredibly fashionable). When I first got my dog Chuck, he chewed the tassle off so I am going to need to buy a new pair soon but I can’t find the leopard print online and I am crushed!!! They are so comfortable and when I am on my feet for 8-12 hours while shooting weddings, these are one of my go-to pairs! I have also heard really good things about the pointed toe Steve Madden leopard pair but I am skeptical that they are as comfortable as the Sperry pair.

Steve Madden

Casual Sneakers

Casual sneakers are also super versatile. They are a great way to dress down an outfit and make it casual. You can pair them with a casual dress, denim skirt, shorts, overalls, joggers or jeans!

If you want to keep your legs looking slim and elongated, you will want to stick to sneakers that are slimmer on your foot and that tie up closer to your leg. Hmm, did I even explain that correctly haha!! Basically, the more elongated your foot looks like if you were wearing Converse sneakers and had them tied, it is going to keep your legs looking slim.

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Slip-Ons & Converse

I find myself grabbing for my Converse when I am wearing a dress or shorts and then my Dr. Scholl’s Madison Slip-Ons when I am wearing joggers or my boyfriend style jeans. I think the reason I am so obsessed with these slip-on sneakers are because they are super cute but also SO comfortable!! I do however need to get some no-show socks because my feet sweat a lot in them. Regardless, I am for sure getting another pair this summer and I just don’t know what color to get!!


I wear booties year round and honestly, back in 2013 I purchased a pair while I was in Scotland and STILL wear them all the time! You will see just how worn they are but I am obsessed! Since I got them so long ago, they are no longer available but I will link the website here because the quality is amazing and they ship Internationally!

Office Booties

I have been searching for a good pair that either has a cut-out around the ankle or the top of the foot. This is especially flattering for those with wider calves. I find it hard to find a good bootie because they tend to go a bit higher on the front of the boot which I just don’t find is flattering on my leg shape. I have had these in my “shopping bag” for awhile and just waiting to have the money to purchase them!

Sole Society


I will be honest, I don’t wear these very often because I am already tall and then I just end up feeling like a giant. However, I just ordered a pair that I am waiting for in the mail that aren’t as high and a bit more casual. You have likely seen them advertised by various companies on Instagram and so I thought I would give them a try! So far, they are taking forever to even ship so I am already not impressed but if they end up being worth the wait, then I may change my opinion. You can find them here.

Wedges are both more comfortable and easier to walk in than heels so I am always more likely to grab for wedges opposed to heels. They are also something that you can add to an outfit to switch it from casual to dressy. Again, they are super versatile which is why they made my list. You can wear them with honestly anything including joggers!

Here are a few options:

Treasure & Bond Sannibel Platform Wedge

Treasure & Bond

Sole Society Caleena

Sole Society Caleena

Lucky Brand Joodith

Lucky Brand Joodith


Mules are very in right now but they are something that has always been around. When my grandmother passed away and I was going through her hundreds of pairs of shoes, I ended up donating many pairs of mules because I couldn’t seem to keep my feet in them! I did however just purchase an affordable pair from American Eagle to give a try this season to see how I do with keeping them on my feet. I also think that they are a bit trendy right now so because of those couple of reasons, I am choosing not to spend a lot of money on a pair.

American Eagle
American Eagle

I hope that this post helps you to choose what kind of shoes you are going to purchase for transitioning from Spring into Summer!

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