Olin’s 3 Month Update

To be honest, I am more doing this for myself to have somewhere to write it all down so that I don’t forget it all and I thought, well why not share it!

At three months Olin is now 12lbs 3oz and as for length, I am not completely sure but a month ago he was 22.5inches long. He has outgrown most of his 3 month clothes due to his long length and fitting nicely into the 6 month stuff.

Although I don’t have anything to compare to, I think he is a pretty easy baby thus far (I am definitely jinxing myself now). He is full of smiles these days and we even got a few little laughs out of him! He LOVES when I sing to him and watching him light up when I start just melts my heart!!

He is still loving nursing but will also take a bottle. We should probably do the bottle more often but it’s much easier for me just to nurse him. Hubby and I play ball hockey every Sunday so that’s when he gets a bottle with his nanny who loves her 1-on-1 time with him 🙂

His sleep has been going really well since about 2 months. His morning naps tend to be short but frequent and then in the afternoon we both have a nice long 2-3 hour nap together. According to my iWatch app, I sleep better during that nap then I do all night so I really look forward to that afternoon nap haha! As for nighttime, he typically goes to sleep between 9-10pm and sleeps through anywhere from 5-7:30am. Typically, he fusses once maybe twice during the night but all he wants is his soother, so I pop it in and he tends to go back to sleep. Sometimes he is gassy so I just take him in with me for the last hour or two for snuggles and he goes back to sleep for a bit.

He has found his hands and feet and can sometimes watch them for a half an hour straight haha!! He doesn’t love tummy time so I only leave him down for a few minutes at a time. He’s not one to stay in his swing or play chair for more than 20 minutes but I think maybe once he is a bit older he will enjoy it a bit more.

We are gearing up to take our first family trip to Mexico later this month so stay tuned on how that one goes!!

We are really enjoying watching him develop a personality and learning new things everyday. It’s so crazy how much he can learn in just one day!