My goal when capturing moments on a wedding day is to personalize 
the experience and document the true essence of my clients. 

I strive as a photographer to take that extra step in order to capture amazing 
photographs with a style that is Real, Timeless & Joyful.


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I am a part-time wedding photographer based out of  Prince Edward Island, Canada. I dreamed about starting my own photography business for many years and in 2014, there was no better time to begin my journey. 

I have traveled to take comprehensive photography courses from                              ,                            ,                                ,                                                                and                                   .

Having a deep passion for travel has opened my eyes to the world we live in. These experiences have broadened my perspective and influenced my ability to view moments in a different light. 

My work has been featured on BuzzFeed, as well as, The Knot News. 

I also work as a Radiation Therapist. I provide care for those having radiation treatments and help them through their cancer journey. Both careers bring me the opportunity to be empathetic, caring, creative and artistic.

Jasmine Star

Susan Stripling

Applehead Studio

Two Mann Studio

Katelyn James


                        I LOVE to travel !! 

Pop over to the             to read about some of my favorite places that I visited over the years! 




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