I am a full-time wife, mother of three littles and Radiation Therapist, treating cancer patients. When I first graduated from my Radiation therapy program, I was unable to find work and decided to take my photography to the next level. I invested thousands of dollars on both photography and business courses, as well as, equipment to help me build my thriving business. 

I am a wedding photographer based in prince edward island. in addition to shooting weddings, i teach aspiring wedding photographers how to MASTER THE craft OF PHOTOGRAPHY SO THAT THEY CAN BUILD A THRIVING BUSINESS, becoming a lucrative wedding photographer! 

I'm Nicole.

Hi  friend!

I love being able to capture memories for others that take them back to a very special time in their life. 

But more importantly...

There is so much more to being a photographer than just taking photos. A photographer has to learn how to market their business, be a book keeper and accountant, learn the ins and outs of public relations, as well as, the day to day details of emails and creating an unforgettable client experience from that first contact point. 

I think that it is really important to invest in yourself and in your future. Throughout my career as a photographer, I have invested in education from Jasmine Star, Susan Stripling, Katelyn James, Amy & Jordan Demos, Zach & Jody Gray, Two Mann Studios, Davina and Daniel, jenna kutcher, james wedmore, amy porterfield, Applehead Studios and so many more! 

" Being a student is easy. Learning requires actual work." - William Crawford 

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When I was first starting my photography journey, I had to navigate the wedding industry alone until I could find others who were willing to help guide me through the murky waters. I invested tens of thousands of dollars on photography, business and marketing education that has helped shape me into the photographer I am today. 

I wanted to create a program that had absolutely everything in it that you would need to go from an aspiring to lucrative wedding photographer. Instead of trying to find a course for each element of wedding photography, I put it all into one amazing program.  

Why I created a wedding photography program...

I think for my favorite book, I will have to maybe do a list instead because there are too many great ones:
Where the Crawdads Sing, The Silent Patient, The Woman in the Window, and The Karma Suture. 


Bringing home my first baby, Chuck. He was our Bernese Mountain Dog and my best friend. And obviously, my wedding day was super special for so many reasons, and birthing my three children. 


This one is easy - Jeans and a plain t-shirt. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE getting fancy but day-to-day that is what you will see me in. 

Go-to Outfit

Ok I am really bad at this you guys!!! I am a lover of travel and I truly believe that who I am with when I travel really affects my experience. I think Costa Rica and Maui are top of the list. 

Travel Spot

Weirdly...water. I drink so much of it all day long. In the morning, the first thing I do is have a coffee with flavored creamer. If I am having an alcoholic beverage, it depends on the season. Yes, the season. Summer - White wine or a cold beer. Winter - Red Wine


Ahhh this one is so hard because I am such an emotional eater. I love a good ol' pizza, but then also a fine dining experience. For dessert, donuts win every. single. time. 


if you are wondering if i am a good fit for you, then maybe learning a bit more about me could help you solidify your decision. 

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