Spencer + Mary-Beth | PEI Backyard Wedding

Two Saturdays in a row it poured rain and I was SO fortunate to work with such amazing couples! The rain honestly didn’t change a single thing about the wedding except needing a tent for the ceremony but spirits were high and nobody seemed to even notice the rain! Spencer and MaryBeth “Boog” decided to do a first look behind their house they built together. As I looked out into the yard, there was a gorgeous wheat field and I said to Boog “What would your thoughts be on doing the first look right in the field?” and her response, “Sure! Yeah, let’s do it!” There was zero hesitation, they trusted me the entire day! When we were doing the main portraits, I had them under an umbrella and Boog asked me what is more pretty, with or without the umbrella? I gave her my honest opinion and they went with it! No umbrellas!! Coming on the end of the portraits, I was starting to look like a drowned rat with mascara running down her cheeks and she whispered to her friend “Do I look like that?” Somehow, she literally came out of the portraits unscathed. Her hair remained perfect, as did her makeup which we all are sure unsure how it happened!! Her dress however, could have been rung out it was that wet but like I said, they were troopers!!
Can I just say that this was one of the most beautiful wedding venues that I had the pleasure of photographing. This barn belongs to the Corcoran family and they did a ton of work to it to have it ready for the big day and it was gorgeous!!! I loved getting a text from Boog the day before her wedding that said “K you should see my wedding…I can’t even believe it. Nicest wedding I have ever seen haha” and let me tell you, she was not wrong!!!
Spencer’s mother gave him something very special the morning he was getting ready. She had the pocket square that his father wore on his wedding day custom stitched for Spencer. There was zero hesitation after receiving this, he quickly slipped it into the inside pocket of his coat to have with him all day.
The BEST reaction from the bridesmaids seeing Boog for the first time!!
Michael from Prestige Florals in Summerside designed the perfect bridal bouquets! This is my favourite part of a wedding day!!
Spencer was telling his friend and groomsman Brodie that they still had to find transportation to the picture locations and Brodie was very quick to ensure Spencer that he would take care of it. This is what he came up with!!
Boog’s sister Rachel “Wheeze” made a Kids Cozy Corner for when they got tired they could go lay down, colour, or read a book!
Thank you both so so much for being the BEST and rolled with whatever I asked of you! I really hope getting wet was worth it 🙂
Ceremony + Venue: Spencer + MaryBeth’s property
Wedding Decorator: Miss K’s Creations
Dress purchased at: The Perfect Pear Bridal
Tux Rentals: The Wedding Place
Hair Stylist: Sarah Wood-Richards
Make-up Artist: Makeup by Sabrina Sierra
Stationary: Etsy
Music Provided by: DJ Derek Arsenault