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I am a wedding photographer and educator based in Prince Edward Island. Not only do I help couples capture the memories of their wedding day, I also teach photographers everything they need to know about becoming a wedding photographer. 

You will find all of my weddings here on the blog, as well as,  education related to photography, planning a wedding, and business. 

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In a world where cautionary tales and raised eyebrows often accompany the notion of traveling solo as a woman, it’s time to flip the script and embrace our inner fearless wanderer. Traveling solo as a woman isn’t just about ticking off bucket list destinations—it’s an experience that’ll ignite a personal transformation, boost your confidence, and […]

windmills in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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I've created a cheat sheet to help guide you through the decision process of choosing your camera settings for the appropriate lighting situation! 

Not sure what manual camera settings to use?