11 Best Apps for Photographers

As a PEI wedding photographer, over the years I have tried multiple different apps and software systems for my business so I thought I would share with you the 11 best apps for photographers. These apps help me run my business as smoothly as possible.

Creative Cloud – This is a monthly subscription that I use daily. It allows me access to both Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom is what I do 99.9% of my editing on and then the odd time I will have to bring a photo into Photoshop for various reasons.

Pixieset – This software is based on a yearly subscription. It is a bit pricey but totally worth it. This is where I upload all of my fully edited images and send to my clients. My clients then have the ability to download them directly to their computer and can also order from a print lab. The galleries housed on this site are stored for 10 years.

JPEG Mini – This software is a one time fee. It allows me to upload my JPEG images and it will reduce the file size of my photo by 80% without diminishing the quality.

Photo Mechanic – This software is a one time fee and I use it with each photo session to cull through all of my images before bringing them into Lightroom. The reason I use this software prior, is because it works WAY faster than Lightroom. Once you ingest your photos from your card, you are then able to fly through the photos and choose which ones you are going to keep to edit. I swear it has cut my culling time down more than half.

Show It – I have my website through a company called Show It which uses Word Press for my blog. This is a yearly subscription.

Blog Stomp – After putting my edited photos through JPEG Mini, I then place them into Blog Stomp. This ensures all of my photos are the same size, have the same border, and are paired as desired.

GoDaddy – I have my hosting and domain through GoDaddy.

Canva – I use the free version of this app for all things graphic design. Some things that I may create within Canva are my freebies, welcome pamphlets, and even social media posts.

Dropbox – I try to plan a weeks worth of Instagram and Facebook posts at a time. I use Dropbox to store the photos I will be using in those social media posts.

Milkshake – This app is used for the link in my bio on Instagram. It’s an easy way to have all of my important links in one place.

Kajabi – Since creating my online course, I have had to subscribe to this monthly software called Kajabi. It houses my online course and any courses to come in the future.

I hope that some of these could help you streamline your business!

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If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In the meantime, keep snappin’!


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