Crafting a Stylish Wardrobe for Fall Family Photos

You’ve secured a photo session with your favourite PEI family photographer during the colorful fall season, and now you’re contemplating what attire will perfectly complement the autumn ambiance. As a seasoned expert, let me alleviate the stress of outfit coordination and guide you through this process seamlessly for your upcoming fall family photos.

Choosing the Location

Selecting a location for your family photos is a pivotal step. Whether you’ve already determined a spot or rely on your photographer’s expertise, understanding the background colors is crucial. For instance:

  • Fall Foliage = Warm tones of orange, red, and brown
  • Park or Meadow = Earthy greens and golden hues
  • Rustic Barn = Browns and muted tones

Crafting Your Color Palette

Before settling on a color palette, consider the mood you want to convey—whether it’s a light and airy feel or a more subdued and moody atmosphere. Align your choices with both this mood and your chosen location. Often times, the photographer you chose to have your photos taken will have a specific editing style. For me, I’m more of a bright and airy edit, while there are many dark and moody editing styles as well.

For a fall photoshoot, steer clear of colors that might blend into the autumn landscape such as orange, yellow and red. If you’re surrounded by rich foliage, avoid greens. Opt for a palette of 3-5 colors, adjusting the number based on your family size. A common approach is to stick to neutral tones and introduce a pop of color to add vibrancy.

Mixing and Matching With Style

With your chosen colors in mind, the next step is to mix and match them tastefully. Diversify the hues among family members, avoiding a uniform look. For example, if you’ve chosen warm tones like beige or tan, feel free to incorporate various shades within this spectrum. This adds visual interest without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.

In essence, styling your family for a fall photoshoot is an art of harmonizing colors, mood, and location. Trust the process, and let the stunning autumn backdrop complement your family’s attire, creating timeless memories captured by your PEI family photographer.

If you would like more examples of colors for the fall, grab my free guide here! Then make sure to read up on Family Photos – Setting Realistic Expectations so that you are prepared for your upcoming family session.

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