How to Photograph Bridesmaids

how to photograph bridesmaids

There are many things that we, as wedding photographers have to remember and keep in mind on a wedding day. Some of these include: trying to keep the day running on time, finding the best lighting and locations for photos and that’s just things we can try to control. Today, I’m going to go over some tips on how to photograph bridesmaids, regardless of the location you arrive at.

Scouting the Location

how to photograph bridesmaids

I always try to arrive to the “getting ready” area 15-30 minutes prior to when I told the bride so that I have a buffer window to scope out the best place for photos. This means that I will do a walk-through in the house and around the property to see where I could potentially take most of my photos. Once I find the location, I want to figure out if there are certain angles I need to avoid. This may be due to a shed being in the background or something else less favorable.


The next step is to educate your bride. Letting her know that in order to get the best photographs, I would like for her and all her bridesmaids to come with me outside. That includes putting on her shoes and dress if she is comfortable with that.

Capture the Photos

Once everyone is dressed and we are at the location that I had previously scouted out, I will start my formal photos. If I am lucky enough to have my assistant with me, I give her my 50mm or 85mm lens so that she can get some tighter images off at an angle while I am capturing the more safe photos.

how to photograph bridesmaids

While I get a few different arrangements of the bride and her bridesmaids and her with each of her bridesmaids, I instruct my assistant to grab some candid shots of the bridesmaids that aren’t being photographed with the bride.

If you arrive to a wedding with a plan, you will forever succeed.

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