How to Shoot a Sparkler Exit

It is becoming more and more popular to do a sparkler sendoff at weddings so I am putting together this step-by-step how to shoot a sparkler exit to put your mind at ease when you’re asked to photograph one.

how to photograph a sparkler exit

Step 1 – Educate Your Subjects

There are a few things that you need to be sure to educate those that will be participating in the sparkler sendoff.

  1. Have the guests make two lines so that the couple can walk in between the two, up the middle.
  2. Ensure the guests hold the sparklers straight up to ensure no hairspray infused hair goes up in flames.
  3. Tell your guests to light their sparklers all at the same time using multiple lighters.
  4. Inform your couple to walk slowly down the middle of the rows and to stop and kiss in the middle. Let them know that they will do this multiple times until the sparklers run out of spark. They can have fun and do a slow motion run as well which is always fun to try.

Step 2 – Off-Camera Flash

If you have an assistant or not, you will want an off-camera flash behind your couple. You will want it below the couple around the height of their backs.

Your camera will have a trigger on it that will cause the flash to go off when you click the shutter button.

Step 3 – Secondary Flash

If there aren’t many guests participating in the sendoff, you will need an additional flash. This one will want to be either on your camera or slightly to the left or right of where you are. This will pump a small amount of light into the faces of your couple as they walk through.

Step 4 – Settings

It may take you a few exposures to figure out what your settings need to be at but it’s fine because they will continue to go through the little tunnel of guests until the sparklers run out.

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