Olin’s 4th Birthday

You hear it all the time, “I can’t believe they’re already (insert age here)”. But honestly, I feel like I just blinked and BAM he’s 4 years old. I thought that today I would share what we did for his 4th birthday and update anyone who cares, how the boy who made me a mom is doing four years into his life.

Olin has always been a more timid, sensitive boy and I think that likely comes with being the first child in a family. He never really went through the “Terrible Two’s”, it was more like the “Thunderous Three’s”. At three years old, you feel like they should understand everything that you’re saying and just take it at face value, but in reality, they are processing every word that comes out of your mouth. If they don’t like what they hear, they have a meltdown. If they don’t like the tone in which you delivered your words, they have a meltdown. Basically, it was an entire year of meltdowns but we seem to be coming through it all now.

Over the past few months, Olin has started becoming interested in hockey. We have him in skating once a week and told him that he could play hockey next year. That being said, he is in the basement every morning and night playing with my husband and his little brother (who likes to be the zamboni driver).

For his birthday party, I decided to book “That Fun Place”. There were a couple of options when booking the space. You could just rent the space for 50 people (including parents and babies), and not take in any outside food or drinks OR you could have the party package which was less people but they provided the food. We opted to go with the first one and then we had treat bags and individually wrapped cupcakes in the trunk of our Jeep to pass out as kids were leaving.

This way, there was no telling the kids it was time to eat or open presents, they literally just played for an hour and a half.

Would we do this again? Absolutely. The kids literally did not stop running and playing the entire time! So much fun was had, I legit got no pictures! I few people sent me theirs but I didn’t want to publicly put their children online.

If you are new to PEI, here are a list of other places you could have a birthday party:

  • That Fun Place
  • Bell Aliant Centre (Pool)
  • The Alley (Bowling)
  • Owl’s Hollow
  • Off the Wallz
  • Rent a community centre and add a bouncy castle from Par-t-Perfect or PEI Inflatables (Olin’s friend did this and it was SO fun)

If you are the type of person who loves reading about birth stories, I will leave the link to Olin’s Birth Story here.

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