What to Wear for Summer Family Photos

You’ve booked a photo session but now you need to know what to wear for summer family photos. It can be a very daunting job to organize for some parents so I am here to ease that stress for you.

outfit ideas for summer family photos


First you want to decide on a location for your session. This may be decided by you or the photographer that you’ve booked your session with. Once you know the location, get an understanding of what the background colors will be.

For example:
Beach = Tan
Garden = Green
Woods = Green + Brown

large group outfit ideas for summer family photos

Choose Your Color Palette

Before you choose your color palette, you will want to decide on a couple of things. Do you want your photos to be light and bright or a bit more dark and moody? You will choose your colors based on those two things AND on your location.

colors for summer family photos

If you are having photos done at the beach, you will want to avoid wearing colors that blend into the sand. If you are having your photos done at a lovely garden, you will want to avoid wearing green.

Choose 3-5 colors depending on your family size – Often times for my family, I like to keep us in neutral colors and then choose one pop of color that I can sprinkle throughout.

colors for summer family photos

Mix & Match

Now that you have your colors, all you have to do is mix and match them. Try to avoid having everyone with the same color pants or shirt. If you decide on using beige or tan, feel free to use multiple shades of those colors.

The last thing that you need to do before your session, is head over and read my post Family Photos – Setting Realistic Expectations.

outfit ideas large group summer family photos
outfit ideas family summer photos orchard, family of 5 photos

There are SO many combinations that you can work with. Pinterest also has some great ideas when you search “family photos color palette summer”.

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