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Not only did I grow up with both Brittany and Jarrett, I also had the pleasure of photographing her sister’s wedding last October! Jarrett and Brittany have known each other since we were in junior high school but they only connected last year after years of not seeing each other. They knew right away that […]

We had a lot of fun at Brent & Ashley’s engagement session out in their neck of the woods! What a beautiful home they have renovated together and starting their life together. Their two young dogs welcomed me as I pulled into their driveway. We ventured down the road to a couple of nice trails […]


Hey Everyone!! I'm Nicole, the editor and photographer of this blog. I work as a full-time Radiation Therapist helping those with cancer get through their radiation treatments. Five years ago, I decided to start my own photography business and I am so excited to say that it is thriving. Typically, I stick to photographing weddings which I find is such a great outlet from my other full-time job. 

The reason that I have decided to start this blog, is primarily to keep myself busy while I am on maternity leave with my first child. Let's be honest, I am going to be plenty busy for the first few months but I hope to be able to juggle both. I love being able to share my life experiences with others who can either laugh or find what I have to say helpful. 

Please feel free to email me if there is anything that you would like me to cover on the blog! 


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