Top 5 Travel Essentials

I have done quite a bit of traveling so far in my lifetime and there are a few things that have become musts. Its now to the point that if I were to arrive and one of these items have been forgotten, I might cry haha! So what five things will I not travel without? Here is the list!


I think that for anyone that knows me, knows that this is a MUST!! Photography was the main reason I started traveling in the first place and then the experiences I had while traveling quickly became the reason for continuing to travel.

I had purchased a Fuji mirrorless camera that is smaller, lighter and easier to take around with me but each time I came back to wanting my DSLR. I like taking my Canon 5D MarkIII and a few lenses because I just got better photos with that camera and like the familiarity of it.

Why not just use my phone? I like to print photos of places that I have travelled and display them in my home. The quality of iPhone photos are good, don’t get me wrong but they aren’t up to the caliber of the photos I can get with my MarkIII.

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

I took a Klean Kanteen water bottle with me the very first time that I travelled. It has been hands down the best thing I bring on my trips. Most of the places that I have been have a warmer climate and it turns out that cold water is great when your hot!

The ones that I use have a cap that allows you to clip it onto you using a carabiner or you could do like me and just loop your finger through the hole and hold it that way. I know that the new bottle to have are from Swell but, in my opinion, they are harder to hold onto and therefore I like the Klean Kanteen water bottles better.


I’m assuming that many of you are like me, in the sense that you like real books opposed to electronic readers (e-readers). I much prefer holding an actual book over an e-reader but I think that there is a time and place for using an e-reader. When I travel to countries where theft tends to be an issue, I bring real books so that I don’t make myself a target. However, it is much easier to bring an e-reader when traveling because they are small, more compact, and you have infinite amount of reading materials.

The trips that I take now are quite different as I now travel with an infant and my time reading has been reduced significantly so a real book is the way I go now.

Schick Intuition Razor

This shaving razor has been a traveling game changer!! I honestly have no idea how I only became aware of it a few years ago. You have the shaving cream/soap, lotion, and razor all in one and therefore you don’t have to bring any shaving cream with you. It’s amazing how much quicker I am able to shave and when I’m in a bathing suit everyday, I want to keep things slim and trim!

Revlon One-Step Hairdryer or Straightener

Okay, I know what your thinking…diva you don’t need to bring your own hair dryer. Well listen here, my hair is crazy thick, frizzy and wavy so it’s a must! I only got this hair dryer a few months ago so before that, the last item on my list would have been my straightener. Typically when I travel I just let my hair air dry and put it up in a pony tail or braid and just straighten the pieces around my face.

So bottom line, I would take one or the other depending on where I am going and what I plan on doing when I am there. If I wanted to “look nice” most days then I would bring the hair dryer and if I am hiking around or lazing around at the beach, I would just take my straightener.

Hopefully this is helpful to you!!

Thanks for reading!!

Stay Positive*