Wedding Day Preparation: Makeup Edition

wedding day preparations: makeup edition

As a wedding photographer and photography educator, I’ve witnessed countless brides and grooms preparing for their big day. One of the most common concerns they have is ensuring their skin looks radiant and flawless in their wedding photos. After all, your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want to look your absolute best. In this blog post, I’ll share some valuable insights on wedding day preparation according to PEI’s top makeup artists Kaitlin McCarville and Makeup by Sabrina Sierra.

Dermaplaning and Hydrofacial: A Couple Weeks Before

To achieve a flawless complexion, consider scheduling a dermaplaning session and a hydrofacial a couple of weeks before your wedding. These two treatments are excellent choices for brides-to-be. Dermaplaning involves gently exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz from your face, leaving your skin incredibly smooth. The hydrofacial, on the other hand, cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin deeply, ensuring a fresh and radiant appearance.

These treatments not only help your skin glow but also create a smoother canvas for makeup application on your wedding day. Make sure to test our both Dermaplaning and a Hydrofacial a month or two prior to the wedding to ensure that you’re skin tolerate it well.

Lip Balm: A week before

In addition to the skincare regimen mentioned earlier, don’t forget about your lips! A few days before your wedding, indulge in a gentle lip scrub to slough off any dry, flaky skin and leave your lips soft and kissable. Follow this up with an abundance of lip balm during the entire week leading up to the wedding. Well-moisturized lips not only feel comfortable but also look plump and inviting in your wedding photos. Lipstick or lip gloss will glide on smoothly, and your smiles will be picture-perfect.

wedding day preparations: makeup edition

Face Waxing: No Closer Than a Week Before

While facial hair removal is essential for achieving a polished look, it’s crucial to schedule your face waxing at least a week before the wedding day. This allows any potential redness or irritation to subside. Waxing too close to the wedding can lead to sensitivity and skin reactions that may show up in your photos. Timing is key here, as you want your skin to be calm and blemish-free on your special day.

Exfoliate: The Night Before

The night before your wedding is the perfect time to use a gentle exfoliant. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion. However, avoid harsh exfoliants that may cause redness or irritation. Opt for a mild, non-abrasive exfoliator to avoid any unwanted surprises on your wedding day. Smooth, even-toned skin photographs beautifully and ensures your makeup goes on flawlessly. Again, make sure this exfoliant is one that you’ve used before and you know that your skin tolerates it well.

Cooling Eye Patches: The Morning Of

Waking up with puffy eyes on your wedding day can be a nightmare. Combat puffiness and tired-looking eyes by using cooling eye patches in the morning. These patches work wonders in reducing swelling and rejuvenating the delicate under-eye area. Not only will you feel refreshed, but you’ll also look more awake and radiant in your wedding photos. As a photographer, I appreciate how well-rested eyes enhance the overall appearance of the bride and groom in pictures.

wedding day preparations: makeup edition

Water, Water, Water: The Week of the Wedding

One of the most overlooked but crucial aspects of wedding day preparation is hydration. Drinking ample water in the week leading up to your wedding can do wonders for your skin. Proper hydration helps combat puffiness, minimizes creasing of makeup, and prevents dryness. Well-hydrated skin looks plump and radiant, making it easier for photographers to capture your natural beauty.

As a wedding photographer and photography educator, I understand the significance of looking your best on your special day. Proper skin preparation is a vital part of achieving that dream wedding look. To summarize:

  1. Schedule dermaplaning and a hydrofacial a couple of weeks before the wedding for smooth, radiant skin.
  2. Book face waxing at least a week in advance to avoid any last-minute skin reactions.
  3. Use a gentle exfoliant the night before to ensure a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  4. Use a gentle lip scrub a few days before the wedding and lip balm in the week leading up to.
  5. Incorporate cooling eye patches on the morning of the wedding to combat puffiness and tired eyes.
  6. Stay hydrated throughout the week with plenty of water to maintain a glowing complexion.
  7. Trial EVERYTHING! I cannot stress this part enough. The dermaplaning, exfoliants, facials, spray tans, waxing, etc. Do a trial one a couple months before your wedding so you know how your skin reacts.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. As a photographer, I can attest that well-prepped skin not only enhances your natural beauty but also results in stunning wedding photos that you’ll cherish forever. Cheers to your perfect wedding day!
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