What to Splurge On For Your Wedding

Are you wondering where to budget and what to splurge on for your wedding? Planning a wedding can be super stressful even when you’re not strapped for cash. I thought it could be helpful to list a few things that you should put most of your money into for your wedding day. This is of course my opinion but having been at over a hundred weddings, I feel like I have the right to my opinion on this one 🙂


Food can honestly make or break an experience at a wedding. Often times, guests are starving come the time the meal is to be served so make sure to deliver. If you decide to go the route of hors d’oeuvres, that is totally okay, just make sure that your guests know they are not having a sit down dinner so that they can eat prior to arriving at the reception.


Obviously I am partial to hiring yourself an educated and experienced wedding photographer. The first thing you should check is their portfolio whether it be on their website or social media. This way you can decide if their editing and posing styles are what you are looking for. The second thing you want to look for are testimonials or reviews to make sure that they have a good reputation. The last thing you want to verify is that your personality jives with theirs. If all three things are a go, then go ahead and book with them!

What to Splurge On For Your Wedding
Photographer : ME! Nicole Anne Photography

Hair and Makeup

Sadly, I have seen this time and time again, brides try to budget on their hair and makeup and unfortunately, you can really tell. Whether you spend $100 or $10000 on a wedding dress, the look is completed with professional grade hair and makeup. Trust me on this one!

What to Splurge On For Your Wedding
Make up Artist : Kaitlin McCarville | Hair Stylist : Kate O’Shea

Day of Coordinator

Ladies, you have spent SO much time and energy creating the perfect vision for your wedding day. Why on earth would you try to make that vision come to life the day of the wedding when you are supposed to be focusing on you and your new husband? Weddings can already be a bit stressful so how about hire someone to help with the details of the day? This way, you can enjoy the day and not have to worry about whether the correct flowers were placed on the end of the aisle!

Wedding Coordinator : Kristina @ Elysian

I really hope that this was helpful for all of you future brides when trying to navigate the planning process of your wedding day!

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