What to Wear Photographing a Wedding

When it comes to deciding what to wear photographing a wedding, there are a few key elements you will want to consider.

1. Color

Typically, I try to stick to black or dark clothing at weddings more so to blend in and not stick out. However, that being said, I have worn pale pink pants to weddings and floral blouses so I do branch out a little bit sometimes. One time, I put a poll out on Instagram to see what people thought about wearing a white/cream colors shirt to the wedding and it was about 50/50 split but to me, that was enough people saying no that I can now never wear that specific blouse lol.

2. Attire

I think it’s important to wear something classic that won’t draw a whole lot of attention to you. I always want something that is either flowy or is breathable. You will often see me in my Lululemon High Rises Pants, a black skirt, some sort of jumpsuit (I have way too many), my wide leg crop pants from Aritzia or my trusty high rise pink pants. I rarely wear shorts because…chaffing (IYKYK).

3. Layers & Backups

Depending where you are in the world, you may want to bring an extra set of clothes incase you sweat through them. I’ve had to change my shirt a few times before because it was so dang hot out. It’s also important to layer your clothing or bring a sweater/jacket. Photographing weddings in September and October on Prince Edward Island can make you have your air conditioning on one minute, your umbrella out the next, and finishing the day off with the heater on. This means you really need to bring a little bit of everything on the wedding day to ensure you have all types of weather covered.

4. Footwear

Lastly, you NEED comfortable footwear. I tend to bring two pairs with me and change into the second pair when we get to the reception. By that point, my feet are usually killing me from standing all day long and they love the switch!

I hope that these little tips are helpful for your next wedding day!

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