3 Tips for Outdoor Photoshoots

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My favorite place to photograph is outdoors in natural light but it can be tricky when the weather isn’t cooperating. I’m going to go over 3 tips for outdoor photoshoots so that the next time you venture out, you aren’t overwhelmed with all of the elements.

1. Natural Reflector

It’s no secret that when photographing outdoors, you want to try to avoid harsh light. Well, that also goes for avoiding dark shadows. I always aim to place my subjects in a location where there is light colored ground in front of them or a light colored building so that when the sun bounces off of the surface, it bounces back into my subject’s face. This will in turn even out those dark shadows.

You will want to keep in mind that wherever your subject is standing, whatever color of the ground, that will be the color that reflects onto their face. So if they are on grass, you will want to make sure it’s not reflecting a green hue onto them.

2. Background

When figuring out where to place your subjects, you want to keep in mind what is in the background. I always suggest trying to find a clean background. This way, our eyes aren’t distracted and they go straight to our subjects.

3. Shelter

If you are outdoors and it’s windy or raining, you will want to find some sort of shelter that will minimize the effects of the elements. If it’s wind, you could try walking around the grounds where you are to see if you can shelter your subjects behind a building structure or large tree. If it’s raining, you will want to try to find an overhang of sorts like a veranda or awning.

These are just a few tips to try when you are at your next outdoor photoshoot. Click on over to 5 Tips for Photographing in the Wind for some more tips when shooting outdoors.

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