5 Tips for Photographing in the Wind

After a hurricane hit my home town, I decided that 5 tips for photographing in the wind may be helpful. There may be certain times when you can’t reschedule your session when you have high winds. One of those times is likely a wedding. Here are 5 tips for photographing in the wind.

1. Check the weather prior to the wedding day

This may be a simple thing to help your bride from having her hair in her face all day long. If you see the day before the wedding that there will be high winds during the wedding day, make a suggestion to the bride to have her hair up. Some brides may love the look of wind swept hair so it won’t be an issue for them.

2. Place your couple according to the direction of the wind

If possible, have the wind blowing into the brides face on a bit of an angle which will blow her hair away from her face. If her partner is taller than her, they may be able to shield the wind from her all together.

3. Choose an appropriate location

Often times, if you can find shelter from the wind such as a wooded area or on the side of a barn or home opposite the wind, you can still can fantastic images without any concern for the wind.

4. Increase your shutter speed

If you don’t increase your shutter speed while photographing in the wind, you will risk having your photos blurry and out of focus. Whether that be hair, a dress, or even your subjects from not being able to stay still.

5. Avoid changing your lens

When changing you lens in the wind, you are putting your camera at risk for getting debris inside. Living on an island and having many beach sessions, I’ve had to send my cameras away for cleaning due to sand getting inside of my camera causing issues.

I hope that the next time you are heading out to a shoot and it’s really windy out, you can reflect back on this post and get some better photos this time around 🙂

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