How to Price Your Wedding Photography

One of the most difficult decisions when starting your photography career is how to price your wedding photography. I want to guess that most photographers starting out under value themselves and basically give their service away for free.

When I was starting my photography business, I learned from a luxury wedding photographer that her first wedding she charged $500, her second $800, and her third $1200. Once she got to the $1200 mark, she then increased her prices by $300 every three weddings. She felt confident doing this because she was gaining experience at each wedding, and was also able to upgrade her equipment as she went.

I did something similar. My first wedding was $500, my second wedding was $700 and then for the entire summer I charged $1000. The next summer, I felt confident in raising my prices.

I’m at a point right now that I am at the highest price point I’ve ever been and will remain there for the foreseeable future. Why? Because I think it’s a fair price for my experience and I don’t want to get to a point where couples can’t afford me.

You must also know that my photography business is a side business for me. I work full-time in healthcare as a Radiation Therapist.

I’ve created a PDF “Pricing Your Product or Service” that will guide you through questions to help you determine what you should be charging for your product or service. I really hope that it’s helpful to you and can shine some light on the amount you are likely undercharging yourself because we all know that imposter syndrome is a real bitch.

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