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Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Having your engagement photos taken can be really stressful so I put together an Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas post. I send all of my clients to this post and hope that other photographers and couples find it helpful as well.

engagement photo outfit ideas

I find that one of the most common questions regarding an engagement session or couples photo session is, “what do I wear?”

Hair & Makeup

I tell women to have their hair and makeup trial done on this day. This ensures that they feel their absolute best! Most brides choose to have a trial done so why not get dressed up and take some photos too.

Engagement Photo outfit ideas

Two Outfits

I instruct the couple to show up in their dressy outfit. The reason I like to start with the formal attire is that they are already feeling uncomfortable having their photo taken. And let’s be honest, not many people enjoy having their picture professionally taken. So, we might as well be a little uncomfortable.

Engagement Photo outfit ideas

A formal outfit can be different for each person. For a man, it could be a suit and tie, or a jeans and a collared shirt.

For a woman, it could be a dress, a skirt, or even jeans and a nice top! Whatever it is, just make it a fancy version of yourself.

Engagement Photo outfit ideas

After about 20 minutes in the first outfit, I then instruct them to go change into their second outfit which I would classify as “casual”. Normally, this would be jeans or shorts with a tank top or sweater. Something that they would typically wear on a regular basis when they go out of the house. Often, the men choose to change their shirt and keep the same bottoms on but it is completely up to the couple.

Engagement Photo outfit ideas for the beach

We photograph the second outfit for another 20 minutes or so and this ensures that I have lots of variety for the couple.

Engagement Photo outfit ideas for fall

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I have lots of examples on my Instagram page so please follow along for more ideas!