Travelling Internationally with an Infant

I think that I should start by saying that we were blessed with a very good baby in the early days. He was almost always happy and slept well but had acid reflux and therefore spit up a lot and all the time. That being said, he was a terrific traveller!

We took our stroller (BOB) with us and his car seat that fit into the stroller. We didn’t bother bringing his pack n’ play because they were supposed to have a crib for us. The crib never came so he slept in the bed with me which worked out okay but I would have been more comfortable with a crib.

On the plane, I didn’t give him any medication for his ears. Instead, I nursed him when we were taking off and when we were landing. In his diaper bag, I had a change pad, a few diapers, his wipes, a change of clothes, his soother and a toy. I packed some hand sanitizer for myself and some snacks. He was great and slept the entire 5 hour flight.

When we were at the resort, each day he had his first morning nap down at the pool, on the bar, in the shade. He was too young to wear sunscreen so we always had to be in the shade.

After lunch, one of us would go up to the room and he would have his longer afternoon nap in the room. This way, one of us could stay down and socialize at the pool or beach for the afternoon.

After dinner, I always went up to the room with him so that my husband could stay with his friends as it was his friends wedding.

We did this everyday and if he needed any additional naps, he would typically nap on one of us while in the shade. We made sure to buy him a UV protected hat and swim suit for when he was in the sun going from shade to shade.

I’m not sure if this travelling experience was so great because of the age he was when we took him, or if he was just a great traveller but we will keep travelling non the less!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!