How to Ask Wedding Guests Not to Take Photos

As a PEI Wedding Photographer, I am seeing more and more couples asking their wedding guests not to take photos during the wedding. There could be a couple of different reasons that they prefer guests refrain from snapping photos all day.

Reasons for Requesting No Photos Be Taken

  1. Those taking photos may get in the way of the professional photographer that the couple paid a lot of money to hire.
  2. The couple wants their guests to be present with them during the wedding day.
  3. They don’t want their guests posting a photo of them on social media before they get the chance to announce their marriage themselves.
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Creative Ways to Ask Guests Not to Take Photos

The most common way that I see wedding couples ask their guests not to take photos of their wedding day is by having signs visible when guests are arriving to the ceremony and the reception. Here are a few signs I’ve seen at my weddings.

Typically, when the couple creates a sign, they also ask the officiant to remind guests at the beginning of the ceremony their wishes. This is to ensure that all guests understand the couple’s request incase they didn’t see the sign.

All in all, you should respect the wishes of the couple and obey the rules they have put in place.

If you are the couple, remember that it is your wedding day and you get to plan it however you choose. If you’d guests not take photos but feel you may come off as “rude”, remember its becoming more common, so do what is right for you!

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