Wedding Day Details

Your Must-Have Wedding Day Details

As a PEI wedding photographer and educator, I like to best prepare my couples for their wedding day by outlining some wedding day details I like to have when I arrive at the bridal suite. It is super important to communicate this with your couples because they have so many other things going through their minds that these small details may escape them.

Wedding Day Details

How to ensure you have all the wedding day details

I find the best way to ensure everything you want to photograph is present when you arrive to photograph the ladies getting ready is to send everything in an email and then resend that same email a few days before the wedding date. I find it can also help if you ‘CC the maid of honour so that she can make sure it is ready when you arrive.

Wedding Day Details

Here is a list of things I ask the bride to bring with her to wherever she is getting ready:

  • Save the date cards
  • Invitations along with the envelope they sent it with
  • If the invitations have information on the front and the back, I ask that they bring two.
  • Bridal shoes
  • Anything that she will be wearing in her hair
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Engagement ring and both wedding bands (his & hers)
  • Anything else she will be wearing
  • Perfume if she plans to wear any
  • Wedding gift if he gave her one (not necessary)
  • Any additional things that she deems important to her wedding day that she would like captured.

Ceremony and reception details

You should also ask if there are any details she really wants captured at the ceremony and reception. Obviously, you try your best to get everything when you arrive but just incase things are super rushed you will know what things to get first.

Wedding Day Details
Wedding Day Details
Wedding Day Details

I really hope that this helps both wedding photographers and brides for the wedding day. It is such a special, yet chaotic day so the more prepared you both are, the smoother the entire day will go! The last thing you want is your bride having to worry that you aren’t going to get the photos she wants you to get.

If you are going into your first wedding season and would like some tips to best prepare for the day, check out this post!

If there is anything else that you think I should add to the list, please comment, email me, or find me on Instagram 🙂