PEI Elopement: Why It’s The Choice For You

PEI Elopement: Why it’s the choice for you. Elopements have emerged as a romantic and meaningful alternative to traditional weddings, allowing couples to focus on what they want and create an intimate day reflecting their relationship. Prince Edward Island (PEI), with its gorgeous landscapes, and summer vacation destination, provides the perfect setting for couples wanting an intimate elopement experience. Pairing the elegant Cordial Picnics with the expertise and planning of Omnia Weddings, PEI becomes the ultimate destination for couples who wish for a PEI elopement.

Ontarians elope on PEI

Natural PEI Beauty

One of the best aspects of eloping on PEI is the stunning landscape that surrounds you. From sweeping sandy beaches to rolling hills, lush gardens, and abundant lighthouses, PEI offers a diverse range of scenery to choose from for your intimate elopement. Cordial Picnics crafts personalized picnic experiences, allowing couples to choose a PEI destination while enjoying a meal together.

Tailored Elopement Packages

Kasey at Omnia Weddings specializes in curating intimate elopement experiences that are customized to each couple’s unique preferences and vision. Whether you dream of a romantic beachside ceremony, a cozy gathering by a rustic barn, or an intimate ceremony at a historic site, Omnia Weddings meticulously plans and coordinates every detail, ensuring your elopement reflects your love story.

Stress-Free Planning

The collaborative efforts of Cordial Picnics and Omnia Weddings alleviate the stress that often accompanies wedding planning. With their expertise, you can confidently entrust the details of your elopement to professionals who are dedicated to making your day seamless and memorable. Not to mention you will have me as your photographer and given the option of adding on a videographer as well.

If this hasn’t convinced you of all the reasons a PEI elopement is perfect for you and your partner then just look at these photos I captured of Nolan and Kelly. They travelled here from Ontario and wanted to elope on PEI for the ease of a special, intimate day with little organization and lots of fun together.

Bride and groom elope on PEI
Cordial picnics elopement
PEI Elopement
pei elopement on the beach
pei elopement ceremony on the beach
Cordial Picnic Elopement PEI
PEI elopement
elopement on beach in PEI
PEI elopement
pei elopement
pei elopement with Omnia Weddings
Coridal Picnic Elopement PEI
PEI elopement
Couple elopes on PEI
Cordial Picnic Elopement
Whit Smith baking wedding cake

Planning: Omnia Weddings
Decor: Cordial Picnics
Hair: Kaity Murphy at Black Label Beauty
Makeup: Hailey Pineau at Black Label Beauty
Cake: Whit Smith Baking
Florals + Charcuterie: Cordial Picnics

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