Tips for Photographing Couples Walking

These tips for photographing couples walking are some that I never used to even notice until it was pointed out to me by another photographer. Sometimes, you just need to step back and see things through someone else’s eyes.

1. Give Instruction

Most couples have never had their photos professionally taken, just the two of them. So for me, I like to give as much instruction as possible with each “pose” or “prompt” so that they feel comfortable with what I am asking them to do.

For walking photos, I always tell them to hold hands and then give them some options for their free hand/arm. I tell them not to look at the camera and just look at each other and smile while they are walking. And lastly, I tell them to start with their left foot when they step and then after that, it doesn’t matter. This way, I have a few photos at the beginning where their legs are in sync.

2. Perspective

I love doing walking photos because there is a lot that I can do with them. For example, you can have them:

  • Walk straight toward you
  • Walk away from you
  • While walking away, have one of them look at you
  • Have them run (either to or from you)
  • Walk on a different angle – One leading the other

3. Go Overboard

What do I mean by this? Snap, snap, snap! Out of 10 images, there might be 1 that I actually choose to edit. Why? I don’t like having legs half bent or feet in odd positions. I also have to look to see if they are blinking or if they were talking, their mouths may be in an awkward position. Due to all of these reasons, I take way more then necessary but it ensures that I always have one great one in each prompt that I ask for.

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