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I am a wedding photographer and educator based in Prince Edward Island. Not only do I help couples capture the memories of their wedding day, I also teach photographers everything they need to know about becoming a wedding photographer. 

You will find all of my weddings here on the blog, as well as,  education related to photography, planning a wedding, and business. 

Welcome to the nicole anne Blog

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PEI Elopement: Why it’s the choice for you. Elopements have emerged as a romantic and meaningful alternative to traditional weddings, allowing couples to focus on what they want and create an intimate day reflecting their relationship. Prince Edward Island (PEI), with its gorgeous landscapes, and summer vacation destination, provides the perfect setting for couples wanting […]

Covehead Beach Lighthouse
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Kris and Rebecca have been together for 10 years. They have built a family together including their first baby, a beautiful German Shepherd Kona, and their energetic little boy Tate. I honestly have never witnessed a child run non-stop for an entire day until last Saturday. He was so excited to have all his favourite […]

pei wedding couple at sunset
behind the scenes with Nicole Anne Photography as she explains how to pose her clients
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bride and groom at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby Vancouver
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Normally, you wouldn’t want it to rain on your wedding day but Jonathan and Nicole had a running rain record so it was quite fitting for their Clinton Hills Wedding. The day they met it was raining, their first date it was raining, each time they go camping it rains, so it was the perfect […]

Jonathan and Nicole at their Clinton Hills Wedding in the rain
Rodd Crowbush Wedding in Prince Edward Island
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tools to use when working from home with a baby
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In a world where cautionary tales and raised eyebrows often accompany the notion of traveling solo as a woman, it’s time to flip the script and embrace our inner fearless wanderer. Traveling solo as a woman isn’t just about ticking off bucket list destinations—it’s an experience that’ll ignite a personal transformation, boost your confidence, and […]

windmills in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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